Breach of Contract

Many contracts are not drafted with clarity or precision. Even contracts drafted by the high-priced Wall Street lawyers used by Fortune 500 companies can be subject to differing interpretations. When this happens, a good business litigator is needed to prosecute or defend a breach of contract lawsuit.

The Law Office of Kenneth E. Chyten is committed to protecting the rights and interests of each client. Our focus is on the effective and efficient resolution of all breach of contract disputes.

California Breach of Contract

Breach of contract actions can be as diverse and varied as the contracts in dispute. Some of the more common type of breach of contract lawsuits are as follows:

Breach of Real Estate Contracts:

In California, contracts involving the purchase and sale of real property, and many other matters involving real estate interests, must be in writing. While many of these agreements are boilerplate, many are not.

Even as to boilerplate purchase and sale agreements, disputes can arise over the failure to disclose defective conditions, the time or manner of performance, or the satisfaction of various contingencies. As real estate transactions are big ticket items, an experienced attorney should be retained when a dispute first arises.

Business Contract Disputes:

Every business enters into contracts of many different types and kinds. Such contracts can be oral or written. When a business buys or sells goods, it does so pursuant to a contract. When a business obtains any type of loan or financing, it does pursuant to a contract. When a business is purchased or sold, this too, is done pursuant to a contract. No company can do business in California, or any other state for that matter, without entering into contracts.

Given the number of contracts a business enters into, there will eventually be a dispute as to the interpretation of certain terms, the required performance, or one or both parties’ alleged breach. When that occurs, a highly-skilled business litigator should be retained immediately.

Timing is Important

Just as it is important to consult with a physician at the first sign of a potentially serious illness, it is also important to consult with an attorney at the first sign of a contract dispute. This is especially important if a company is served with a summons and complaint as the failure to promptly respond can result in a waiver of rights or entry of a default judgment. However, it is equally important to retain an attorney to commence an action for breach of contract as claims can be barred by statutes of limitation if not filed within the limitations period.

At the Law Office of Kenneth E. Chyten, we have vast experience in many types of business contract disputes, and have effectively and efficiently resolved hundreds of such disputes either through mediation or trial. Our goal in these cases, as in all cases, is to obtain the best possible result in the most efficient and effective possible manner.

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