Business Lawyer – Ventura County, CA

With Ken Chyten, you get the best possible representation for all of your business law needs. Ken has established himself as one of the finest trial lawyers in California, with a resume of over 500 successful cases in more than 30 years of practice.

Ken’s success is founded upon a bedrock of education and experience. In addition to graduating from a top ten law school, Chyten clerked for the California Supreme Court, and cut his teeth with one of the biggest and most prestigious law firms in the world before becoming a partner in a boutique Los Angeles law firm.

Areas of Practice

Business Disputes

Breach of Contract

Employment Lawyer

Real Estate Litigation

Fraud and Misrepresentation


Highly Successful Trial Lawyer

With Ken Chyten’s vast experience and history of courtroom success, clients have the confidence of knowing they have an attorney in their corner who can effectively handle any case, no matter how complex, and take on any opponent, no matter how formidable. While Chyten can be aggressive and tenacious, he also brings common sense to the table, and recognizes that settlement oftentimes makes more sense than protracted litigation. That is why Chyten will try and settle a case if it makes sense to do so, and only go to trial if it doesn’t.

However, when trial is the only option, Chyten fights tenaciously to attain success. As a result, Chyten has a stellar record of trial victories before judges and juries in federal and state courts in California and New York.

The Perfect Combination of Experience and Energy

Experienced attorneys are often tired or burned out, while young attorneys are energetic, but green. Chyten has the perfect combination of experience and exuberance. As a result, Chyten clients get an attorney who has both the experience to know how to prevail, and the energy to do so.

Chyten is the Attorney You Can Trust and Rely Upon

Regardless of the nature of your legal problem, you need an attorney you can trust and rely upon. Hundreds of individuals and businesses, including banks, hotels, restaurants, developers, business owners, CEO’s, corporate officers, directors, and folks on Main Street, have put their faith and trust in Ken Chyten. They have done so because they know that whatever the case, and whatever the problem, they can count on Ken to protect them.

If you or your company needs legal representation because your rights have been violated, because you have been sued or need to sue, or because you otherwise need sage legal advise, contact Kenneth E. Chyten today. Ken’s Office is centrally located in Ventura, California, and he represents clients throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County.

For more information, or to schedule a free telephone or in-person consultation with Ken Chyten, please email our office, or call (805) 292-5050.