Since 1979, attorney Ken Chyten has enjoyed a reputation as a tenacious and skillful litigator and appellate lawyer practicing in the state and federal courts of California He is regularly retained to take on lawsuits and appeals that call for a sophisticated understanding of the subject matter and business environment, coupled with a laser focus on tactics, legal precedents and technology.

Civil appeals can arise in many types of cases, including, but not limited to, the following:Business Disputes

  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Employment Contracts
  3. Real Estate Litigation
  4. Fraud & Misrepresentation

When Losing at Trial is Not an Option

No case for Ken is too small or simple, or too large or complex. If Ken chooses to take a case, he gives that case his utmost attention and interest regardless of its size or complexity.

Ken is a tough, battle-hardened trial lawyer who has passion for the practice of law. He is fiercely competitive, and has frequently been described by both clients and adversaries as a ” “bulldog’.

While Ken fights hard to win cases, he also has good common sense and a modicum of fairness. These skills help Ken quickly size up a case, and know when to fight, and when to settle.

It is at least as satisfying for Ken to settle a case fairly, and without large fees, as it is to win after a long and difficult trial. Thus, Ken will try hard to settle a case, but only on terms he believes are fair to his clients.

But if trial is the only way to resolve a dispute, and losing is not an option, then Ken Chyten is the attorney you want on your side.

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